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So I have a line of html code that will run when I use echo in a document without FPDF and html2pdf, but when I try to put it into a PDF with WriteHTML() nothing shows up.

Here is the code for FPDF where it doesn't work :

$pdf->WriteHTML("<img src='data:image/png;base64," . $data . "' width = '" . $width . "' >");

And here it is without FPDF where it works:

echo ("<img src='data:image/png;base64," . $data . "' width = '" . $width . "' >");

Does anyone have any idea why this isn't working? Any answer or sol

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Have you considered using DomPDF instead? ( – tftd Jul 4 '13 at 20:57

Yes HTML2PDF does not handle PNG well (as my experience it does not supports PNG at all) so use JPG instead


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