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I have the following scenario :

  • Page.xhtml (p:selectCheckBoxMenu id=sb1)
    1. From page.xhtml I call genericDialog.xhtml
  • genericDialog.xhtml (Composite implementation with p:dialog,etc...)
    1. From genericDialog.xhtml how can I process and update via p:ajax the sb1 component.

*Error : javax.faces.FacesException: Cannot find component with identifier "formPessoa:tipoMercado" referenced from "j_idt440:myForm:confirm"*

enter image description here

  • From the left side of image in green color I have my composite p:dialog (genericDialog.xhtml)

  • From the right side of image I have in red the selectCheckBoxMenu id=sb1 which I need to reload after saving new data from dialog.

thanks a lot stack members.

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After a lot of time to me.... I figured out the issue :

<p:commandButton id="confirm" value="#{cc.attrs.labelbotao1}" 
   oncomplete="#{cc.attrs.oncompletebotao1}" update="myForm:divmessage" 
   actionListener="#{cc.attrs.actionbeanbotao1}" **ajax="true"**>

   <p:ajax update="#{cc.attrs.ajaxupdate1}" process="#{cc.attrs.ajaxprocess1}" 
   listener="#{cc.attrs.listener1}" />

Two problems :

  • First I need to reference in the composition genericDialog.xhtml the full path to update the component e.g :myform:sb1
  • Second the ajax on p:commandButton has to be false. This way it does not cancel the p:ajax update and process.

Id like to hear some opinions or fixes,etc... thanks in advance

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