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I'm very much a beginner, please bear with me.

I'm trying to get the ID number from one table to point to the same number in another table, which holds a name value (ie 1 = 1 and "bread"), which I seem to have managed. Then I want to display the average rating next to the name, ie take all rating.rate values (range from 1-5) and average the rating, and display it next to the product, then order desc. such as :

name-------average rating





So far it gives me all the product names, but shows the product name as many times as it has ratings, then ranks desc. Not much use. This is what I have :

SELECT rating.rate, FROM rating INNER JOIN names ON = ORDER BY rating.rate DESC LIMIT 0, 25 GROUP BY

Thank you for your help!

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Your example does not appear to be using the AVG function at all? How about the below?

SELECT AVG(rating.rate) as avg_rating, 
  FROM rating 
  JOIN names 
    ON =
ORDER BY avg_rating DESC
LIMIT 0, 25    

This will average out the ratings per name because of the GROUP BY. The result of the AVG is put in to avg_rating and used in the ORDER BY.

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This worked right away, thank you ever so much! I had tried using AVG, I didn't post my attempt because it was clearly not how to do it and didn't want to confuse with a wall of my silly thoughts on the matter. – user2551754 Jul 4 '13 at 21:37

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