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I have set of points in tuples, like this:

>>> s
set([(209, 147),
     (220, 177),
     (222, 181),
     (225, 185),
     (288, 173),
     (211, 155),
     (222, 182)])

What is the right way to do scatter plot of this set?

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You can do:

x,y = zip(*s)

Or even in an "one-liner":


zip() can be used to pack and unpack arrays and when you call using method(*list_or_tuple), each element in the list or tuple is passed as an argument.

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Very good option! –  Pablo Jul 4 '13 at 22:37
x = []; y=[]
for point in s:
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If you want to use NumPy arrays you can use:

data = np.array(list(s))

First transform s to a list and than to a NumPy array.

Now you have a list op points, to get a lists of x's and y's you can use:

xs = data.transpose()[0]   # or xs = data.T[0] or  xs = data[:,0]
ys = data.transpose()[1]

And make a plot with:

plt.plot(xs, ys, 'ro')
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