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When I'm using Emacs, I sometimes connect my MacBook to an external monitor. I then create a new, second frame, which I drag to the external monitor and then maximize.

The result is that within Emacs, I have two maximized frames, one on my laptop display and one on my external monitor.

I'd like to save this configuration so I don't have to do this manually each time. Ideally I could restore the frame positions with one keystroke every time I connect my external monitor.

How do I do this? I use Aquamacs on OSX.

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This may be of use: stackoverflow.com/a/11460472/722238 –  fbynite Jul 5 '13 at 3:45

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Try the development version of Emacs 24. Juanma Barranquero is currently implementing frame restoration for Emacs desktops. The code is still changing, but a recent build should give you something that is of use for what you want to do.

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Since Emacs 24 you can use desktop-save-mode Session management

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