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I am trying to change the user email in the header menu of ActiveAdmin per his username. In the ActiveAdmin documentation there are a method to do this in config/initializers/active_admin.rb, but it only allow a static value, and i need to it change per user logins dinamically.

This is the code to make it as static way:

config.namespace :admin do |admin|
 admin.build_menu :utility_navigation do |menu|
  menu.add label: 'My label', url: "url/to/whatever"
  admin.add_logout_button_to_menu menu

I am trying to do some like:

config.namespace :admin do |admin|
 admin.build_menu :utility_navigation do |menu|
  menu.add label: current_admin_user.user_name, url: admin_admin_user_path(current_admin_user)
  admin.add_logout_button_to_menu menu

This is not possible because do not exist sessions when the application is starting (and where ruby interpret the initializer).

Some idea?

All coments are welcome!

thanks in advance!

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try to use proc , example

 menu.add  :label  => proc{ display_name current_active_admin_user },
                  :url    =>  proc{  edit_admin_admin_user_path(current_active_admin_user) }  ,
                  :id     => 'current_user',
                  :if     => proc{ current_active_admin_user? }
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