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Hey I am using the ruby on rails framework and I have a price variable that is a decimal. Naturally values like $39.99 is fine but when the price is $39.90 my app shows the price as $39.9 How could I change that.

My view

%b price

= @product.price

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rails includes the number_to_currency(@product.price) helper. Little simpler and easier to remember.

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The standard answer here is to use sprintf.

sprintf("$%2.2f", @product.price)

This will format your number with a leading dollar sign, then the number to two decimal places.

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If you want, you can write your custom helper method for this.

def num_to_currency price
  "$#{price.to_i}."+"#{(price % 1.0)}"[2..3]

1.9.3 (main):0 > num_to_currency 6.90
=> "$6.90"
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