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Recently I migrated from opensuse to centos and after that GIT has started to ignore my custom commit-msg hook. It simply doesn't execute it. (I checked it by add small piece of code to "add_ChangeId" function )

  • Hook generates Change-Id hash for every commit
  • GIT version:
  • File is located in following location: .git/hooks/
  • For debugging purposes I even have set 0777 permissions to the whole .git directory

Here is the full text of commit-msg file -

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Can you execute your file without git, just running .git/hooks/scriptname? – timoras Jul 5 '13 at 3:20

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timoras you are gold. Then I tried to execute script using sh .git/hooks/scriptname it worked, but when tried to call it using .git/hooks/scriptname and shell returned that I haven't permissions to execute it.

After that I looked at fstab, and found out that have forgot to add exec flag to the partition where this file was located.

Now everything works.

One more time thanks timoras!

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