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I have a partial view that is called _GetForfaitDashBoard.cshtml This is the code

@model WebAppComp.Areas.Admin.Models.StatsForfaitDashBoard

<table class ="table table-bordered">
<th>Nombre total de Forfaits</th>
<th>Moyenne des forfaits par Agence</th>
<th>Forfait Ayant le prix le plus haut</th>
<th>Forfait Ayant le prix le plus bas</th>
<th>Le forfait le plus visité</th>
<th>Le forfait le mieux noté par les membres</th>
<th>le forfait ayant le plus de réservations</th>
<th>le forfait le plus récent</th>
<td>@Html.ActionLink("Ici", "GetById", "Agence", new { numSiretAgence = Model.IdHighestPriceForfait }, null)</td>
<td>@Html.ActionLink("Ici", "GetById", "Agence", new { numSiretAgence = Model.IdLowestPriceForfait }, null)</td>
<td>@Html.ActionLink("Ici", "GetById", "Agence", new { numSiretAgence = Model.IdMostVisitedForfait }, null)</td>
<td>@Html.ActionLink("Ici", "GetById", "Agence", new { numSiretAgence = Model.IdBestRatedForfait }, null)</td>
<td>@Html.ActionLink("Ici", "GetById", "Agence", new { numSiretAgence = Model.IdMostBookedForfait}, null)</td>
<td>@Html.ActionLink("Ici", "GetById", "Agence", new { numSiretAgence = Model.IdMostRecentForfait}, null)</td>


It's a table in wich I put statistics. What I want to do is to have these statistics loaded in a web page based on a Form , the form will contain a simple dropdownlist in wich the user choses the type of statistics that he wants. Here is the code of the partial View Action :

        public PartialViewResult _GetForfaitDashBoard (TypeForfait typeForfait)

Now I don't know how to do to put all i said into action. Is putting a form in the base view that posts to the action of the Partial View will be a good approach? Or is there any other solutions to call a partial view based on a form ? Thank you

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Since you're returning a PartialView my suggestion would be:

Use the jQuery Change event to get the selected value from your dropdownlist and post it to the server.


Then post your data (my personal preference is via a Ajax request but you can also use the Post function) to your _GetForfaitDashBoard action and handle the response in your javascript:

    var selectedValue = this.val();

       url: $("#yourFormId").attr("action"),
       type: "POST",
       data: { typeForfait: selectedValue }, 
       success: function(response){ $('#IdOfTheElementWhereYouWantToInsert').html(response) },
       error: function(){ // handle your error }

The response parameter in the success function is the rendered html of the partialView.

Assuming that you're basing the type of statistics only on the selected value I would suggest to change your parameter type from TypeForfait to string (or an int) in your action.

    public PartialViewResult _GetForfaitDashBoard (string typeForfait)

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Thank you for the reponse, this seems the right approach, but one more question, how can I inject the partial view in the page, I mean what shall I put in // inject you partial view on the page ? Sorry I am new to jquery .. –  Hamdi Baligh Jul 5 '13 at 11:13
No problem, will edit my answer. You can do it with the .html() function of jQuery: api.jquery.com/html –  Andrew Jul 5 '13 at 11:54
Thank you a lot my friend that worked perfectly you saved my day !!!! –  Hamdi Baligh Jul 5 '13 at 12:04
also there is a little problem url: $("#yourFormId").attr("href") should be url: $("#yourFormId").attr("action") you can edit the answer for someone who has the same question :) –  Hamdi Baligh Jul 5 '13 at 12:08
You can also put in the url in your javascript and remove the form, then you don't need this statement at all. But that's a personal preference. –  Andrew Jul 5 '13 at 12:10

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