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When you render: <input type="file" />

you get a box and a button, right? (At least in Firefox and IE.)

in IE how you can tab to (focus) both the box and the button or only button.

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Just for the record, focusing the textbox is/will become obsolete. For security reasons you can't type in a path/file any more and must interact with the popup file dialog. –  scunliffe Nov 17 '09 at 11:37
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The text box and button act as the one element in the browsers so you can only set the tab index to the thing as a whole, not each element. To focus the file input use: $('input[type=file]').focus();

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I had hard time understending the question, too. But I think I finally got it- is there a key combination to switch (tab to) the file input like in firefox? In firefox you only need to press the tab key to get to the next input. –  stefita Nov 17 '09 at 11:04
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You get a box and a button, right?

Nope. Google Chrome on Ubuntu, for example, doesn't have a textbox. You shouldn't expect every browser on every OS to have the same ugly form widgets as IE.

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