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I currently have a script that looks like this:

sql="SELECT id FROM user 
     WHERE (email LIKE '' 
            OR email LIKE '' 
            OR email LIKE '' );"

read -a ids < <(ssh localhost "mysql test -e \"$sql\"")

But it isn't executing properly. When using set -x, the output looks like this:

+ read -a usu_ids
++ ssh localhost 'mysql test -e " SELECT' id FROM user WHERE '(usu_email' LIKE ''\'''\''' OR email LIKE ''\'''\''' OR email LIKE ''\'''\''' '); "'

And it gives out a bogus value. Any suggestions?


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Option 1:Here's an example, you can tweak this to suit your needs:

$ ssh user@hostname <<END
> cd temp_files
> ls -lrt
> #Run any commands on the remote host here

total 4
drwxr-xr-x 2 test test 4096 May 27 14:18 cron_log

Option 2 : You can put the commands to be run on remote hosts in a local script and run it using ssh. An example is given below :

$ cat
cd ~/temp_files
ls -lrt | awk '{print $9}'
$ myVar=`ssh user@remotehost 'bash -s' <`
$ echo ${myVar}
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I think you should put the mysql DB name at the end of the mysql command:

read -a ids < <(ssh localhost "mysql -e \"$sql\" test")
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