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I am fairly new to REST and I have been struggling to map out RESTful requests for objects that are related by foreign keys in a mySQL database.

I have following objects and their relationships are in linear order:

Quiz_course [1]
Quiz_meta_block [2]
Quiz_block [3]
Quiz_question [4]

So far I have come up with the following GET requests:

// Retrieve all quiz_course(s)

// Retrieve quiz_course by id

// Retrieve all quiz_meta_blocks related to a quiz_course id

// Retrieve a quiz_meta_block that is related to a quiz_course_id

But then I hit a wall when trying to get quiz_questions :

// Retrieve all quiz_questions that is related to a quiz_course_id

Is my representation accurate ?

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I don't know what a block or meta block is in the context of a course, but I would go with something like the below. No need to prefix everything with quiz_*


You could also give direct access to, say, all questions in a course like this:

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