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I can't figure out the terminology to search for the function I want:

Anrduino has a map(value,inLo,inHi,outLo,outHi) function that takes a value within IN range and returns the value with the same ratio mapped to the OUT range. For example map(5,0,6,200,380) returns 350 because the value 5 in a range of 0-6 is 5/6 and 5/6 of the range from 200 to 380 is 350.

I can write my own function in Excel but I am guessing there is something built in.

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Pretty sure there's nothing built in for this task. – Tim Williams Jul 5 '13 at 6:47
you could just use a formula=value/(inhi-inlo)*(outhi-outlo)+outlo – Charles Williams Jul 5 '13 at 7:04

Actually Charles Williams answer doesnt quite address the equivalent Arduino 'Map' function. A more correct formula is: =((value-inLo)/(inhi-inlo))*(outhi-outlo)

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