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I have a plugin which is primarily used for screen-capture. It loads with the browser. Now on click of the button a small window appears notifying the screen capture has started.

Here, I also want the browser to get minimized.

I tried the following approaches:

Approach 1.

HWND parentWH = ::FindWindow(L"Chrome_WidgetWin_1", L"test - SC1 - Google Chrome");


It works! But the question is that how should I take the parameters of FindWindow dynamically. like, parameter1 being 'WindowClassName' and 2 being 'WindowTitle'. for different browsers.

Approach 2.

HWND parentWH = ::GetAncestor(this->pluginWindowHandle,GA_ROOTOWNER);

Does Not Work!

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To see if Approach 2 will work, start Spy++ that comes with Visual Studio and see if this->pluginWindowHandle has as an ancestor of the Chrome_WidgetWin_1 window. – David Ching Jul 12 '13 at 2:39

To minimize the browser window containing the plugin you've used to start a screen capture, I'd suggest the following steps:

  1. Pass the document.title (JavaScript) of the page which embeds your plugin to the plugin.

  2. Create an EnumWindowsProc callback function in your WinApi dll. This function will be given a HWND every time it is called. Inside this function you should use the GetWindowText function to check if the document.title from the browser is a substring of the title corresponding to the current HWND. If it is, then you can minimize the current HWND using ShowWindow, and if you want to restore it after a capture, you can store the HWND and use it again later. Return FALSE if you have found a match, and TRUE otherwise.

  3. Use the EnumWindows function to enumerate through the windows on your system. Into this, you will pass a pointer to the callback function above. EnumWindows will run until the callback function returns FALSE, or it has enumerated through all of the windows.

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Here's what worked for me for minimizing the browser window.

Approach 1:

parentWH = ::GetForegroundWindow(); //for obtaining parent window handle

Approach 2: Before showing the plugin window, i'm getting the browser window handle

void NotificationWindow::showNotification()
    parentWH = ::GetForegroundWindow();

Here, till the displayWindow() function is not called, we can get the browser window handle directly by using GetForegroundWindow() function.

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