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I am planning to use redmine as SaaS application with multi-tenant feature. I have successfully loaded redmine into the heroku but now i am in a blank position didn't know how and where to start. Installed redmine can be accessed via http://dreamredmine.herokuapp.com/

I tried "rails-stripe-membership-saas" for the billing but i dont know how do i integrate it with redmine apps to create an automatic SaaS application in a multi-tenant architecture. This installed "rails-stripe-membership-saas" can be accedded via http://spc-saas.herokuapp.com/

I tried searching for similar thread and it leads me to Ruby on rails SaaS application where to begin, what tools to use which is pretty similar to my concept but converting the already built application "redmine" into SaaS was a problem for me.

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Thumbs up for your enthusiasm, but be assured that building a business like this is a serious venture that requires a lot of work and dedication both from a technical and a business perspective. I've started Planio Redmine Hosting about 4 years ago and we now have a team of 10 employees working around the clock to make Planio happen.

If you're interested, we also have an affiliate program where you can refer your clients to use our infrastructure and receive commissions for it. We'd still handle all the maintenance, security, backup, support and general upkeep for your clients which you'd otherwise have to do yourself.

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Thank you jan for the comment, but I would like to understand the real procedure of implementing real SaaS like platform. I choose redmine as it is a open-source web application but i dont mind implementing other application too. I am not implementing it commercially so i dont have any clients :( My main aim is to understand the SaaS implementation in a multi-tenant cloud environment. –  user456064 Jul 8 '13 at 1:16

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