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I recently started to use Volley lib from Google for my network requests. One of my requests get error 301 for redirect, so my question is that can volley handle redirect somehow automatically or do I have to handle it manually in parseNetworkError or use some kind of RetryPolicyhere?


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In case you're interested in the opposite case (don't want volley to handle redirects automatically) check stackoverflow.com/a/25887160/369317 –  Denis Kniazhev Sep 17 at 9:44

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I fixed it catching the http status 301 or 302, reading redirect url and setting it to request then throwing expection which triggers retry.

Edit: Here are the main keys in volley lib which i modified:

  • Added method public void setUrl(final String url) for class Request

  • In class BasicNetwork is added check for redirection after // Handle cache validation, if (statusCode == HttpStatus.SC_MOVED_PERMANENTLY) || statusCode == HttpStatus.SC_MOVED_TEMPORARILY), there I read the redirect url with responseHeaders.get("location"), call setUrl with request object and throw error

  • Error get's catched and it calls attemptRetryOnException

  • You also need to have RetryPolicy set for the Request (see DefaultRetryPolicy for this)

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Did you modify the Volley source code for this or does the API support it already? Please share code examples for other people running into the same problem –  Geert Weening Jul 9 '13 at 0:42
I edited my answer to show they key points for the redirection. –  Niko Jul 9 '13 at 4:52
Your response is not clear, can you explain more –  OWZY Feb 14 at 19:09
Please see github.com/samkirton/android-volley for a fork of volley with the redirect fix. –  S-K' Mar 27 at 9:13
Thank you very much for your explanations and your source code because I didn't found anything else working. My problem was with the NetworkImageView and your answer solves everything –  phyzalis Mar 31 at 3:30

Volley supports redirection without any patches, no need for a separate fork

Explanation: Volley internally uses HttpClient which by default follows 301/302 unless specified otherwise

From: http://hc.apache.org/httpcomponents-client-4.2.x/tutorial/html/httpagent.html

ClientPNames.HANDLE_REDIRECTS='http.protocol.handle-redirects': defines whether redirects should be handled automatically. This parameter expects a value of type java.lang.Boolean. If this parameter is not set HttpClient will handle redirects automatically.

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For me its handling some automatically but some its reported unexpected response 302 and failing. –  startoftext Jul 31 at 23:50
'Volley internally uses HttpClient' - that's not accurate, it uses HttpClient only only with API < 9 and uses HTTPUrlConnection otherwise (which got replaced with Okhttp's impl in kit-kat) –  Denis Kniazhev Sep 17 at 7:54

just replace your url like that url.replace("http", "https");

for example: if your url looking like that : "http://graph.facebook......." than it should be like : "https://graph.facebook......."

it works for me

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