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Need regular expression which have:

  1. Maximum 8 digits before decimal(.) point
  2. Maximum 4 digits after decimal point
  3. Decimal point is optional

Maximum valid decimal is 8 digits before decimal and 4 digits after decimal So 99999999.9999

The regular rexpression I have tried ^\d{0,8}[.]?\d{1,4}$ is failing for 123456789 and more than this. means it is taking more than 8 digits if decimal point is not available.

Tested here : http://regexpal.com/

Many many thanks in advance!

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Price can't be negative? –  Ja͢ck Jul 5 '13 at 6:50
No, not for my case! –  user2338652 Jul 5 '13 at 6:58

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You can make the entire decimal optional

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You need to place a backslash before the period (dot): i.e. (\.\d{1,4})? otherwise you are accepting ANY character including another digit. –  PP. Jul 5 '13 at 6:36

You can try this:




If you don't want to have a zero as first digit.

You can allow this if you want: (.1234)

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Thank you for your super fast response! I see it is failing for .12345678 It should take only .1234. –  user2338652 Jul 5 '13 at 6:35
@user2338652 if you expect the value to be max 4 digits after decimal point..you should not accept the input if its greater than 4..that could lead to rounding errors..just dont't accept the input if it doesnt match your criteria..and valiadation!=match –  Anirudha Jul 5 '13 at 6:37
@user2338652 FYI, the answer you have accepted also "fails" on .123456789. –  Ja͢ck Jul 5 '13 at 6:49
Hmm :) It was failing but see the answer is modified and a note is added below that. –  user2338652 Jul 5 '13 at 6:53
@user2338652 Sure, the answer is modified and is now almost identical to the first part of this answer :) –  Ja͢ck Jul 5 '13 at 7:02

Any of the above did not work for me. Only this works for me

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