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When I start up Vim, my .vimrc instructs the :nowrap mode. I hate the wrap while coding, as it ruins indentation and supports the coding style, where single lines get too long, too complex and less readable/concise.

However, while editing files like HTML, wrap mode is helpful, specially where there is lots of text content. It allows for faster line navigation (gj, gk...), and having long lines doesn't really matter.

So I'd like Vim set the :wrap setting based on current filetype. I tried:

autocmd FileType html,eruby,erb set wrap

However, once .html file is opened, this affects all open buffers. I would like this to affect just .html containing buffers.

Any ideas?

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If you look at the help page for 'wrap', you'll see that it applies to windows instead of buffers:

                                        *'wrap'* *'nowrap'*
'wrap'      boolean    (default on)
            local to window
            {not in Vi}

This means that you have 3 options:

  • Create an autocommand for BufEnter that reapplies wrap whenever you switch buffers
  • Use an easy hotkey to switch between wrapping, such as: nnoremap <F2> :set invwrap
  • Close windows like these instead of re-using them
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I like option 1. How about an autocommand that executes function which checks for filetype and applies wrap command accordingly to the FileType? I will dig into VimScript... – Jan Netherdrake Jul 5 '13 at 10:21

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