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I want have reset control like webforms but in winform. in form design the controls have a default value. I want when user edit the controls, after press a reset button, the controls get their default values. after i searched in internet I found ResetText() method, but unfortunately I didn't find good example for it. if you know about it please let me know. :)

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possible duplicate of How to clear the text of all textBoxes in the form? –  Danny Beckett Jul 5 '13 at 7:48
but I don't want clear their content. I just want undo their default values. –  Iran_Girl Jul 5 '13 at 9:31
You could store the default value in the Tag property, then on click, set Text = Tag. –  Danny Beckett Jul 5 '13 at 9:31

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each control have a property as "Tag", just need fill your default value in Tag. then write below code on "reset" button:

private void btnReset_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        txtSearch.Text= txtSearch.Tag.ToString();

finally thanks @Danny Beckett for his answer!!

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