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I am making a test app to learn using Game Center. I've read many tutorials and questions here in stack overflow and i'm on the right way.

Now, i have met a behaviour i don't understand and i thought someone might shed some more light upon it and solve my problem.

I have created a user from the Game Center on the simulator and i am able to enter into it.

If i'm logged into it, and then run my app i get the wonderful "Welcome back" sign from game center.

But when i log out of there it acts differently. I start my app and get the login form. When trying to log in i get a UIAlert that says the "This game is not recognized by game center".

How come? A minute ago everything went smooth…

Anyway, i tried checking the bundle identifier on iTunes connect and on my app, i checked that game center is supported on the iTunes connect. I even created a group (although i'm not sure what it means yet).

Nothing works. (except logging to game center before starting the app)

Any thoughts?

Let me know if you need any code

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OK… This is solved now. The main issue was the bundle ID.

One place showed: com.myCompanyName.gameName and the other: myCompanyName.gameName

The .com is what i missed.

Thank to all those who tried to help.

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Very first thing you have to enable Game Center for your App_ID from .Next thing you need to make use of same App_ID as Bundle ID while creating App on iTunes Connect. And I hope you have added details of Game Center in that app on iTunes Connect. Also be sure you are using provisioning profile with same Bundle ID.

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