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I've read ASP.NET Routing… Goodbye URL rewriting? and Using Routing With WebForms which are great articles, but limited to simple, illustrative, "hello world"-complexity examples.

Is anyone out there using ASP.NET routing with web forms in a non-trivial way? Any gotchas to be aware of? Performance issues? Further recommended reading I should look at before ploughing into an implementation of my own?

EDIT Found these additional useful URLs:

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please the tag url-routing to your post – Armstrongest Nov 11 '08 at 1:29

Not sure if this is your answer but this may get you in the right direction it's Scott Hanselman (MSFT) showing how to get ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Dynamic Data -- oh and AJAX to work together in harmony.

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I saw this podcast linked to from ScottGu's blog the other day which might be useful to you

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Mike Ormond's step-by-step guide to setting up URL routing with ASP.NET is excellent (Getting ASP.NET Routing Up and Running - The Definitive Guide )

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You can find the URL Routing explained in a simple way at the following articles. It provides info like, send request on a Route, retrieve URL parameters on destination page, setting default values for parameters.

URL Routing in ASP.Net Web Forms Part - 1

URL Routing in ASP.Net Web Forms Part - 2

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