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I am (slowly) writing an XML parser for some "site definition" files that will drive a website. Many of the elements will be parsed in the same manner and I won't necessarily need to keep the values for each.


The parser so far

My question is actually pretty simple: How can I use jquery manipulators in an class function? How can I pass $(this)? I know that it sometimes refers to a DOM object and sometimes the jQuery object, but am a bit hazy.

For my function:

function parseXML(xml) {
	$("book, site", xml).children().each(function() {
		var label = $(this).get(0).tagName;
		var text = $(this).text();
		var key = toCamelCase(label);
		if ((key in siteData) && (text != -1)){
		if (isArray(siteData[key]))
			$(this).children().each(function (){
				var childLabel = $(this).get(0).tagName;
				var childText = $(this).text();
				var childKey = toCamelCase(childLabel);
				else {
			siteData[key] = text;

I want to place

var label = $(this).get(0).tagName; var text = $(this).text(); var key = toCamelCase(label);

in a class, so I can do something like

var child = new Element(); and var subchild = new Element();

and then use child.label , child.text and child.key... But again, not sure how to use the jquery methods with these... I have more nodes to process and I don't want to keep doing stuff like var label = $(this).get(0).tagName; and then var childLabel = $(this).get(0).tagName;


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var app = {};
app.element = function(data) {
    return function() {
    var _text = data.get(0).tagName, _label= data.text(), _key = toCamelCase(_label);
        var that = {};
        that.label = function() {
            return _label;
        that.text = function() {
            return _text;
        that.key = function() {
            return _key;
        return that;
app.instanceA = app.element($(this));

Ok so this works but, I'm not sure if it's the best way.

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oops, collision for .text()... gotta rename. other than that, it work, sure enough. also not sure if this is the best way. –  two7s_clash Nov 17 '09 at 21:11
what you should do is get 'JavaScript: The Good Parts' its an awesome book and real short. I just finished it but there are a few chapters on inheritance. There is a better way to do this using prototype. I need to reread the book however ;p –  Shawn Nov 17 '09 at 21:57
i have an idea, lets make a question of this –  Shawn Nov 17 '09 at 21:58

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