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I have problem with displaying my array in smarty. It looks like this. Declaration of array:


$rewrites = array(
'en' => array(
'homepage' => 'homepage'

'de' => array(
'homepage' => 'zuhause'

$smarty->assign('rewrites', $rewrites);

And in template file:


First line prints whole array like it is, so array is assigned. But second line shows nothing, why? How to do it properly? If I do it like this {$} it works but I really need to declare my array value like this {$rewrites[de][homepage]} because 'de' comes from other variable, that define current language. My target is {$rewrites[$lang][homepage]} for example.

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You can use also:

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See the update of my response –  Plamen Nikolov Jul 5 '13 at 9:15
Well, when I'm trying like you wrote, I have an error of smarty. –  b4rt3kk Jul 5 '13 at 9:22

Simply try this:

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you can do is as follows {$rewrites[$lang].homepage}

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