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Are you aware of any DDD efforts in a dynamic language ?

Practical resources on DDD tend to decrease quite dramatically when straying from enterprise-oriented solutions (a google search exluding C#, .NET, ASP and Java yields 10 times less results), but i couldn't actually find a single example of a DDD implementation in a dynamic language...

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No, I'm not, but the principles remain the same so there shouldn't be any reasons why it wouldn't work out just as well, especially if the dynamic language in question has a good OO support (e.g. Ruby).

Even better perhaps, since your domain model could more easily make use of e.g. traits/mixins, and concepts from DCI, etc. if there's a fit.

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Interesting answer, I've been thinking the same, but my lack of experience with DDD prevailed on me to say so myself. I'm still hoping for someone to come up with resources on specifics of DDD in dynamic languages though. – julien Nov 18 '09 at 2:10

I know the TYPO3 Association has been working on the development of a new PHP framework with a strong focus on encouraging Domain Driven Design for quite some time. The framework is called FLOW3 and is currently in alpha release.

What they presented back in 2008 (when I heard the last talk of the development head) looked already very promising. I haven't had a closer look so far though.

Our company has been doing PHP development with a DDD mindset for some time, however I didn't think about anything that would be specifically different for dynamic languages so far. I can only tell it works great for us.

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