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I have to extract thumbnail from a video in every 5 second interval using ffmpeg. I used the following code for that.

ffmpeg -i Test.mov -r .2  Image%d.jpg

But It is not giving the key frames in the 5 second interval. It is extracting first 3 frames always and one frame at the 2nd second. After that it is giving a frame in every 5 seconds. In the end I will the frames from 2nd second, 7th second, 12th second etc. and the additional 3 frames.

What will be the problem?. Is there any additional parameter for that? Can anyone help?

Also is there any way to include the time stamp of the thumbnail in the output image name?

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Please include the complete ffmpeg console output. Perhaps the select filter will work for you: ffmpeg -i input -vf "select=not(mod(t\,5)),setpts=N/(25*TB)" output%d.jpg –  LordNeckbeard Jul 5 '13 at 19:58
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