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I need to query the tables of the Sqlite database on the phone, but I want to do it from Windows. Is there some kind of manager that I can use to query the database?

For example, if I was using SqlServer, I could use sql server management studio to view & perform operations on the database.

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You can use the adb and Windows cmd for this if you're okay with using the cmd line. It's located in the platform-tools folder of the android sdk.

Open windows command prompt and navigate to the sdk\platform-tools folder

C:\sdk\platform-tools\ adb shell
shell@android:/ $ cd data/data/com.myapp/databases
shell@android:/ $ sqlite3 myapp.db
sqlite >

And now you can issue sql queries to the db.

You'll only be able to do this for the emulator, the db on a device is private and only accessible if the device was rooted

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There's good graphic tool available as firefox extension - SQLite Manager. You can fetch sqlite database file from device/emulator with adb or DDMS.

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for the english page: addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/sqlite-manager –  herschel Mar 11 at 17:02

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