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I have created a nested routes like this

  resources :subjects do
    resources :subject_edits do
      member do
        post :vote

when I run rake routes, I found it exited

vote_subject_subject_edit POST   /subjects/:subject_id/subject_edits/:id/vote(.:format) subject_edits#vote

but when I use it in my .erb file

<%= button_to 'I Agree', :action => vote_subject_subject_edit_path(@subject, @edit) %>

I got an error,

No route matches {:action=>"/subjects/25/subject_edits/1/vote", :subject_id=>"25", :id=>"1", :controller=>"subject_edits"}

what is wrong here?

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This helper sets url explicitly, so you need:

<%= button_to 'I Agree', vote_subject_subject_edit_path(@subject, @edit) %>

without passing :action option.

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I was being silly, thanks! –  fengd Jul 5 '13 at 11:42

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