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i am using web sites developed in Joomla and i have hosted in my IIS 7 local server (Win Server 2008) and the website is live, but when client login to my website and try to upload file, they get the error warning 21 warning failed to move file

I went to Site -> Global Configuration, There i found the path of my logs and tmp are c:/xampp/htdoc/site/tmp & c:/xampp/htdoc/site/logs respectively.

please help me whats wrong with my configuration.

thanks in advance

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1 Answer

You need to set the permission of folder where you want to store your file. Set the permission of that folder 777. You need to set 777 permission to these folder:

  1. tmp
  2. logs
  3. Folder , where you need to save your file.

Hope this will help you.

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