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We are calling a subroutine process_input with call_pv and this is being called from a process code which processes text input up to the size of 1 MB. The process does the following:

  • it eats the mail from any maileater client
  • creates a new ticket in the application
  • and replies back if the mail size is > 1 MB

I had recently sent a file around 800 KB which is causing constant crash of the the process reaching till 2 GB and crashing. Here is the call:


Any ideas would be helpful. Is there any alternative to call_pv?

Additional details: the text that was sent in the email contains accented characters.

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Provide the stacktrace. –  daxim Jul 5 '13 at 12:12

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The processes dies because it ran out of memory. A 32-bit process has a 4GB address space, but only 2GB of that is usable by the application in Windows (and IIRC, 3GB in linux).

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