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I want to drive Unit tests with Play 2.1.1 which depend on user being logged in or authentification through API keys. I would like to do something like this:

 * Login a user by app, email and password.
public void setSession() {
    session("app", "app")
    session("user", "")
    session("user_role", "user");

Could someone indicate me the right way or is there another approach which allows me to separate the login function from single unit tests? Thanks in advance!

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Since in Playframework, there is no server side session as in the Servlet API (Playframework uses cookies), you have to simulate the session for each request.

You can try using the FakeRequest.withSession():

private FakeRequest fakeRequestWithSession(String method, String uri) {
    return play.test.Helpers.fakeRequest(method, uri).withSession("app", "app").withSession("user", "").withSession("user_role", "user");

public void badRoute() {
  Result result = routeAndCall(fakeRequestWithSession(GET, "/xx/Kiki"));
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Thanks, Nico! routeAndCall is deprecated it seems and I only get a Promise as Result. Is there anything else to pay attention to in Play 2.1.1? – Steven Jul 18 '13 at 15:06

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