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I want to build a website with some simple social fetures. I wonder how to organize user profiles. My doubts are:

When example.com/user/someuser is executed

  • not logged user should see public profile without any edit profile options

  • logged user should see private profile if his profile is shown but public profile if someones else profile is shown

I plan to make it like this: profile controller class - check if user is logged

  • if no, show public profile view

  • if user is logged show public profile or private profile dependant on authorization

But what if someone put something in url like: edit or something? Please give some advice how t organize something like this, or maybe someone could give some links with tutorials or something?

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The basic idea is to check for authentication in the controller's before() method, which gets executed prior to the controllers action methods. Here are links to a couple of examples:

Official Kohana Documentation - Controller: Before and after

Unofficial Kohana 3 Wiki - Using Auth with template extended controllers

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