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I want to apply !important to all div,p,pre, and span elements, overwriting all properties which are currently written inline. For example:

.contpost p,pre,span,div{
    color:#4c4c4c !important;

Does this color now apply to the whole page and specifically to that div?

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Perhaps you mean this? It's a bit vague without more information.

.contpost p,
.contpost pre,
.contpost span,
.contpost div{
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You could add an id to the body tag, say

<body id="container">

and then use

#container div{color:value !important;} 
#container p{color:value !important;}
#container pre{color:value !important;}
#container span{color:value !important;}

OR just combine them into one:

 #container div, #container p, #container pre, #container span{color:value !important;} 
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