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I want to display the following values from this json file.
I use this code:


$nl1 = json_decode($nl1jsontext);
foreach($nl1->1 as $data)
     echo $data->titel . "\n";
     echo $data->datum_start . "\n";
     echo $data->datum_end . "\n";


Sample JSON:

    "1": [
            "db_id": "14612024",
            "titel": "NOS Journaal",
            "genre": "Nieuws/actualiteiten",
            "soort": "",
            "kijkwijzer": "",
            "artikel_id": null,
            "artikel_titel": null,
            "datum_start": "2013-07-05 00:10:00",
            "datum_end": "2013-07-05 00:35:00"
            "db_id": "14642893",
            "titel": "NOS Studio Sportzomer: De Avondetappe",
            "genre": "Sport",
            "soort": "",
            "kijkwijzer": "",
            "artikel_id": "58162",
            "artikel_titel": "Sprinten in Montpellier",
            "datum_start": "2013-07-05 00:35:00",
            "datum_end": "2013-07-05 01:30:00"
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And you question iiiiis? – Danny Beckett Jul 5 '13 at 13:51
There's a question mark in there, right on line 2. The question is "php". The answer is yes. – neokio Jul 5 '13 at 13:53
may be it will give you error about stClass can not convert to string, try this $nl1 = json_decode($nl1jsontext, true); – dakshbhatt21 Jul 5 '13 at 13:54
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This may helps you


//decode the content lke this
$nl1 = json_decode($nl1jsontext, TRUE);


foreach($nl1['1'] as $data)
     echo $data['title'] . "\n";
     echo $data['datum_start'] . "\n";
     echo $data['datum_end'] . "\n";

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Because your JSON has a property named 1, you have to access it like so:

foreach($nl1->{'1'} as $data)

PHP will produce a syntax error if you try to use $nl1->1.

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