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I'm trying to get all URLs except for a few to rewrite to _main.php?url=/url/path/here (the exceptions being a System, Frameworks, _Assets, or Administrator folder). I have a RegEx that does this matching for me: (^|\n)(?!/?(?:_Assets|Administrator|Frameworks|System)).+ but I am not really understanding how to do this properly in IIS8. What it currently does is give me the correct data when I load the page, but it doesn't rewrite the URL, as seen in this image: here

My rule looks like this (with no conditions or variables):

my inbound rewrite rule

I was also trying to follow this guide, but it seemed like the exact opposite of what I wanted to achieve, and I don't know how to do the reverse.

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I managed to solve this by changing the regexp to be (^|\n)(?!_main.php\\?)(?!/?(?:_Assets|Administrator|Frameworks|System)).+ (ignoring _main.php) and then changing the rule to be a redirect instead of a rewrite, which achieved the desired effect.

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