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I read through the YouTube API and YouTube Analytics API, but I didn't find a method allowing me to pull a list of Channel IDs based on the number of subscribers as the subsetting criteria. I may have missed it, so please forgive me if I did. Thanks in advance.

Re-reading my own question, I thought I'd explain what I'm up to so you all don't think I'm nuts for wanting all of that data.

A few months ago, I came across the YouTube channel "sortedfood", a funny and informatvie channel about cooking, and I found myself asking how I could have missed this channel for so long and how I can go about finding similar channels (not necessarily cooking related). It's not always about number of subscribers, but that seems like a good place to start, hence my question. I came up with the following four general factors:

A. Interest -- the channel generates a large number of monthly, weekly, etc. views and, thus, piques interest in viewers.

B. Involvement -- the channel generates a large number of comments as well as video responses which would be an indication of viewer involvement in the channel

C. Connections -- the channel has a large (or large-ish) number of subscribers indicating that the viewers feel a connection to the subject matter presented by the channel

D. Consistency -- the channel's videos have a consistent likes-to-dislikes ratio indicating that the quality of the videos is consistent across time

My goal is to find channels that pique long-term interest in viewers and not flash-in-the-pan videos like Gangnam Style, etc.

Some of the metrics I was hoping to compute (based on the initial pull of channel IDs and, subsequently, pulling the additional available data) are:

  1. Number of subscribers to a channel
  2. Average number of subscribers since the date the channel first appeared ("channel birth")
  3. Number of video likes and dislikes ("video" like-to-dislike ratio)
  4. Average likes-to-dislikes ratio across all videos ("channel" like-to-dislike ratio)
  5. Average distinct users commenting across all videos for the channel
  6. Average length of the comments (that is, number of characters) for each video. Longer comments may indicate "spam" or "flames" whereas shorter comments may indicate "good job". I did not see comment length in the APIs, though.
  7. Number of video views as compared to subscribers (views-to-subs ratio).
  8. Sudden increase in the number of subscribers in a month, week, etc.
  9. Number of distinct country-of-origin of the channel's subscribers as an indicator of involvement.

With that explanation, I hope you understand that I'm not asking for the channel IDs because I'm nuts. :-)

Thanks very much!

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