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I have abstract class called List and inner class called AbstractIterator.

I have an class called ArrayList inheriting from List and inner class called Iterator inheriting from List::AbstractIterator.

I'm trying to convert between the abstract List::AbstractIterator to the implemention ArrayList::Iterator. here is part of the code:

        bool operator!=(typename List<T>::AbstractIterator& it) {
            typename ArrayList<T>::Iterator itt = it;

This is my error:

[Error] conversion from 'List<int>::AbstractIterator' to non-scalar type 'ArrayList<int>::Iterator' requested

What am I doing wrong?

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Since the conversion cannot be done implicitly by the compiler and List<T>::AbstractIterator is an abstract class you need to use dynamic_cast to convert it.

bool operator!=(List<T>::AbstractIterator& it)
        ArrayList<T>::Iterator itt = dynamic_cast<ArrayList<T>::Iterator&>(it);
        // ... other code
    catch(std::bad_cast& e)
        // ... handle case where it is not an ArrayList<T>::iterator

    // ... other code such as return if necessary

Note that dynamic_cast throws std::bad_cast when it is unable to convert to a reference. When converting to a pointer type it returns nullptr when the conversion cannot be done.

You could use static_cast but there is no guarantee that it is of type ArrayList<T>::Iterator which would result in undefined behavior if it is not.

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