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I have the following code to perform hierarchical clutering on data:

Z = linkage(data,method='weighted')
  dendro = dendrogram(Z)
  leaves = dendro['leaves']
  print leaves

How ever at the dendogram all the clusters have the same color (blue). Is there a way to use different colors with respect to similarity in between clusters?

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Look at the documentation, Looks like you could pass the link_color_func keyword or color_threshold keyword to have different colors.


The default behavior of the dendrogram coloring scheme is, given a color_threshold = 0.7*max(Z[:,2]) to color all the descendent links below a cluster node k the same color if k is the first node below the cut threshold; otherwise, all links connecting nodes with distances greater than or equal to the threshold are colored blue [from the docs].

What the hell does this mean? Well, if you look at a dendrogram, different clusters linked together. The "distance" between two clusters is the height of the link between them. The color_threshold is the height below which new clusters will be different colors. If all your clusters are blue, then you need to raise your color_threshold. For example,

In [48]: mat = np.random.rand(10, 10)
In [49]: z = linkage(mat, method="weighted")
In [52]: d = dendrogram(z)
In [53]: d['color_list']
Out[53]: ['g', 'g', 'b', 'r', 'c', 'c', 'c', 'b', 'b']
In [54]: plt.show()

enter image description here

I can check what the default color_threshold is by

In [56]: 0.7*np.max(z[:,2])
Out[56]: 1.0278719020096947

If I lower the color_threshold, I get more blue because more links have distances greater than the new color_threshold. You can see this visually because all the links above 0.9 are now blue:

In [64]: d = dendrogram(z, color_threshold=.9)
In [65]: d['color_list']
Out[65]: ['g', 'b', 'b', 'r', 'b', 'b', 'b', 'b', 'b']
In [66]: plt.show()

enter image description here

If I increase the color_threshold to 1.2, the links below 1.2 will no longer be blue. Additionally, the cyan and red links will merge into a single color because their parent link is below 1.2:

enter image description here

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Can you post an example. I am trying to use them but i don't know what to pass as argument to both –  curious Jul 5 '13 at 16:32
Check the edit. Sorry for the sort answer. –  wflynny Jul 5 '13 at 17:30
Maybe it has to do with my distance matrix. All pairwise distances are around 0.8 so maybe that's way i am getting the same color –  curious Jul 5 '13 at 23:07
That is exactly why. –  wflynny Jul 8 '13 at 16:05

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