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I have a table T with a required text field item, and a text field userID that is meant to fill in the current user's login ID. I have a form mainForm with a subform TForm based on this table. To make sure that each record has the user's ID I have added the following event to TForm:

Sub form_current()
 Me.userID = Environ("username")
End Sub

When I open mainForm, I get this error message immediately on opening:

You must enter a value in the 'T.item' field.

I think what is happening here is that the form_current() event makes Access think that I've attempted to complete entry of a new record while T.item is still blank, which violates a table constraint because that's a required field. Curiously, though, this only happens when I open mainForm; when I open TForm by itself, I don't get this error message on opening.

Should I be using a different event to fill in the user's login ID for each field? Or is there a better way to use form_current() for this?

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First way.

Create a function in a module:

Public Function getUserName() As String
    getUserName = Environ("Username")
End Function

Then open property window for your TForm, select "userId" field, select "Data" tab in property window, find row with "Default Value" and put next expression: =getUserName().

I don't know why but access don't see Environ() function.

Second way.

Implement OnLoad event like this:

Private Sub Form_Load()
    Me.userID.DefaultValue = "=""" & Environ("username") & """"
End Sub
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Thanks, I went with the second way and it solved the problem. –  sigil Jul 5 '13 at 18:23

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