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I am trying to pass an index value, for an array, into a route, so I can use the id to load a specific object into a detail view.

Controller that injects the index and changes path


$routeProvider that handles the detail routing

.when('/detail/:index', { 
    controller: DetailViewCtrl, templateUrl: 'partials/detail' 

Express script that handles the partial loading

app.get('/partials/:partial', function(req, res) {
    return res.render('partials/' + req.params['partial']);

If I pass in an index of 5 then I expect the URL to look like "localhost:3000/detail/5", and I do get that in my browser but the server returns a 404 error where is was trying to look for some weird URL "localhost:3000/detail/partials/detail." I have no clue where the "detail " that is added before the partial is coming from.

It would be nice to know what is happening behind the scenes and how to fix the problem. How can I pass custom variables in the route and not have express freak out?

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Prepend the templateUrl with /:

.when('/detail/:index', { 
   controller: DetailViewCtrl, 
   templateUrl: '/partials/detail' 

or insert the base tag under the HTML head element as in:

<base href="/" />
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