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How do I make autotools (or libtool) to add file version, product name, product version, copyright, etc. to windows DLLs?

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The autotools will not do this for you. All that info (Copyright, et al.) is in a resource (.rc) file. The resource file needs to be compiled with the windres binutil and linked with the DLL. There might even be a builtin rule on the Windows version of GNU make to assist in this process. If not, you can easily write a make rule to do so.

The upshot of all this information is: add the .rc file to the DLL's libfoo_SOURCES. If it works, congratulations! If not, you'll have to diagnose the problem at the point of failure.

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Windows resource files appear to be a supported tag for libtools. Add the resource file, say, foorc.rc to libfoo_la_SOURCES in Makefile.am to generate a .lo libtool object, as with C source files.

This may (or may not) require an explicit rule, e.g.,

        $(LIBTOOL) --tag=RC --mode=compile windres $< -o $@
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