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Scenario: - I have a page with an iFrame Text Editor and a button in the page too. - I switched from the parent frame to the iFrame to read from the Text Editor body - After reading from the body of the Text Editor, I want to click on the button in the parent frame of the page. - For this I tried to switch back to the parent frame from the iFrame using the following statement: webDriver.SwitchTo().DefaultContent(); - But still I am not able to find the button element which resides in the parent frame.

I appreciate your help! Thanks

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Can we see the HTML of the IFrames –  Arran Jul 5 '13 at 20:26

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Thats for your responses guys. It is solved!

The solution:

  • While I use the ‘webDriver.SwitchTo().DefaultContent();’ it switches the webDriver to the top most window of the page. [Previously I was looking for the button element in this window and therefore was not able to find it as the button was sitting in the main frame of the page]

  • After switching to the main window, I switched the webDriver again to the main frame of the page. This main frame had the button element. Thus I was able to find the button element. And this slved the issue!

So the final code doesn't have ‘webDriver.SwitchTo().DefaultContent();’ but has the following in its place: _webDriver.SwitchTo().Window(windowHandle); _webDriver.SwitchTo().Frame("mainFrame");

Note: windowHandle in the above code is the handle of the top most window of the page. I guess it's value may change according to the browsers, not sure though.

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I was struggling with a similar problem and found that I could switch back by Window Handle:

string currentWindow = Driver.CurrentWindowHandle;
// switch to frame and do stuff..
Driver.SwitchTo().Window(currentWindow); // switch back
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