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I want to use the Search and Replace dialogue in Rubymine, or something similar to replace something like "Scenario:" with "@Desktop\nScenario"

I'm trying to replace every instance of Scenario: in a large Cucumber test suite with


Any best ways to do this?

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In the search and replace box, if you tick the "Regex" option you can do:

Search: "Scenario:" Replace by: "@desktop\nScenario:"

The only trick is to tick the "Regex" option :)

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A bit late, but I'd still like to note for anyone seeing this that you need to escape any regex special characters -- so if you have a [] or {} in your search string, it has to get backslash-escaped. –  QPaysTaxes May 16 at 15:49

Rubymine has macros (http://www.jetbrains.com/ruby/webhelp/binding-macros-with-keyboard-shortcuts.html) but I dont think they are powerful enough for this example.

It's possible that you could solve it with some elaborate feature hidden inside Rubymine, but I think it would be a lot easier to do this with a tool like perl/sed from the Terminal. If you are using Windows I assume you could search the net and find a text search/replace tool that fits your need.

In OSX I there are a bunch of Text Substitutions app too.

I would go that route since Rubymines macro tool isnt up to the task.

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