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i create a Data Module with a TSQLConnection component. I set the params by "visual mode". But i dont know, how specify the path of my firebird file save in my projectFolder/store/db.fdb. The project path, may change in the client computer. Any ideas ?.

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Make sure your connection is not Active in design time.

In FormCreate (or DataModuleCreate) you can do

Sql_componentname.DatabaseName := ExtractFilePath(ParamStr(0)) + 'yourdb.gdb';
Sql_componentname.Active := true;

This is if your db is in the same directory as your program. Otherwise you could set it elsewhere (from ini or userdirectory)

Otherwise: Via an inifile in your applicationdirectory you could do this

iniFile := TIniFile.Create(ChangeFileExt(Application.ExeName,'.ini')) ;
  Sql_componentname.Databasename := iniFile.ReadString('Server','DatabaseName','') ;

And in the ini

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