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Are there any automatic code review/static code analysis tools (like CodeNarc) available for Groovy Server Pages (.gsp)?

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Not really. You shouldn't really have much code in your GSPs and Codenarc will catch errors in tag libraries and such. –  tomas Jul 6 '13 at 8:58
I would try PMD and/or Checkstyle to see if I get something out of them. –  dmahapatro Jul 6 '13 at 12:22
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You can use codenarc plugin to check your gsp pages/files.

Just simply set

codenarc.processViews = true

within your BuildConfig.groovy file and they will be included in the codenarc checks.

Included here is an example codenarc setup in BuildConfig.groovy

codenarc.processTestUnit = false
codenarc.processTestIntegration = false
codenarc.processViews = true
codenarc.propertiesFile = 'grails-app/conf/codenarc.properties'
codenarc.ruleSetFiles = [

Here we also define an external codenarc.properties file which we use to turn parts of rules from each of the included rulesets on/off. Example of the codenarc.properties file is included here:

# some gsp's MUST have embedded CSS and/or embedded Javascript which requires the use of semicolons.
UnnecessarySemicolon.doNotApplyToFileNames = *.gsp
# we're not going to enforce these
UnnecessaryGString.enabled = false
UnnecessaryReturnKeyword.enabled = false

Hope that helps


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