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I am starting on localisation, but I get stuck.

1) The program

import gettext
t = gettext.translation('cn', 'C:\locale', fallback=True)
_ = t.ugettext 
print _('Hello!') 

does work.

2) But when try to use pygettext

python pygettext.py -d cn -o cn.pot example.py 

I get the message "invalid syntax:, line 1, pos 18

I tried even the most simple pygettest command :

python pygettext.py example.py  

which returns the same error. I have tried with different other settings and changes in the program, but this error keeps returning.

The complete example I used the code from is http://achilles-keep-moving.blogspot.nl/2011/07/minimal-tutorial-for-python.html

What I am doing wrong?

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