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So I'm using acts_as_taggable on a model. I'd like to be able to find tags with some sort of a %LIKE% matching, but I'm not sure how.

My current code:

@companies = Company.tagged_with(@query, :any => true)

doing this doesn't work:

tagged_with("%#{@query}%", :any => true)

Any ideas?

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No it wont work. That isnt how acts_as_taggable was written to work. When you submit a taglist it generates a list of all tags from your query string and uses it to fetch tagged records. It doesnt make a search on the list of tags to find the tags that match your query. – Steve Robinson Jul 6 '13 at 10:32
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Solved by fetching the tags manually first

  tags = Tag.where("name LIKE ?", "%#{@query}%").pluck(:name)
  @companies = Company.tagged_with(tags, :any => true)

However, this required my to create an empty Tag model, which isn't created by acts_as_taggable.

Maybe not the best solution, but it works :)
I'll rather do this "hack", then to write my own tagging models.

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