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I'll have 2 activities (screens) in my Android app, the 2-nd will appear after actions on the 1-st. In the 2-nd I'll have a back button, that will take me to the 1-st screen. How can I implement that if I have music playing on 2-nd screen so it won't stop after going back to the 1-st activity pressing a back button? (making it a service or some other choices?)

Also how to implement that music will play if I press Back button on the phone itself? Thanks.

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You answered this yourself- make the music play on a Service. That's the general answer whenever you want something to continue when your Activity doesn't have the foreground.

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The Media Playback guide specifically goes over the case where "you want to continue playing "background media" even when the user leaves your activity, much in the same way that the built-in Music application behaves. In this case, what you need is a MediaPlayer controlled by a Service".

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