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Date                Time        Method          User                   App
2013/5/24        19:39:33        PUT        advantage_user        adv_cat_arch
2013/5/24        19:36:04        SETACL        advantage_user        adv_cat_arch
2013/5/24        19:36:11        PUT        advantage_user        adv_cat_arch
2013/5/24        19:36:12        SETACL        advantage_user        adv_cat_arch
2013/5/24        19:36:19        PUT        advantage_user        adv_cat_arch
2013/5/24        19:36:19        SETACL        advantage_user        adv_cat_arch
2013/5/24        19:36:27        PUT        advantage_user        adv_cat_arch

I wanna count each Methods in each day, for example,

Date        Method(PUT)    Method(SETACL)  Method(Get)
2013/5/24       5                2             3
2013/5/25       2                1             5

This is my sql query:

SELECT Fas_ops_metrics_test4_jun.Date as Date, 
       Fas_ops_metrics_test4_jun.Method as Method
FROM Fas_ops_metrics_test4_jun
GROUP BY Fas_ops_metrics_test4_jun.Method
ORDER BY Fas_ops_metrics_test4_jun.Method;

anyone can help me ? thank you

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If I'm understanding you correctly, you can do this with COUNT and CASE:

    COUNT(CASE WHEN Method = 'PUT' THEN 1 END) 'Method(PUT)',
    COUNT(CASE WHEN Method = 'GET' THEN 1 END) 'Method(GET)'
FROM YourTable

Edit, given that you're using MS Access, use IIF instead of CASE and perhaps easier with SUM:

    SUM(IIF(Method = 'PUT', 1, 0)) as 'Method(PUT)',
    SUM(IIF(Method = 'SETACL', 1, 0)) as 'Method(SETACL)',
    SUM(IIF(Method = 'GET', 1, 0)) as 'Method(GET)'
FROM YourTable
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Hi sgeddes, Thank you for helping , but when I run this query, database shows "syntax error : count......(PUT) without operand...." – user2460718 Jul 5 '13 at 23:25
@user2460718 -- can you be more specific? Perhaps update the Fiddle with your error? What database are you using? – sgeddes Jul 5 '13 at 23:38
Microsoft Access 2010 – user2460718 Jul 5 '13 at 23:44
@user2460718 -- MS Access may not support the CASE statement. It should support the IIF statement though which works similarly. – sgeddes Jul 6 '13 at 0:00
thank you very much sgeddes!!!! – user2460718 Jul 6 '13 at 16:19
Select count (method) , method
from yourTable 
Where Date = '2013/5/24'
group by method

That will give you two columns, a count of each method and the method.

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