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Is there any IDE for coding mono on windows platform?

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MonoDevelop has now released a installer for Windows. You no longer need to build it from source. It is available from the MonoDevelop website

However on windows it runs on the .NET Framework, not Mono - it uses the .NET debugger instead of the Mono one.

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SharpDevelop and Visual Studio will both work. You can also use the Windows version of MonoDevelop.

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No installer exists for mono develop on windows. – trampster Oct 9 '08 at 3:23
@Daniel: No installer, but you can make it run. More info here: monodevelop.com/MonoDevelopWin32 – GEOCHET Oct 9 '08 at 13:18
Hey Trampster (comment above), now there is an installer for MD on windows, here: Cheers! – happy coder Nov 25 '12 at 13:21

I would recommend #develop or check out the status of porting MonoDevelop (A fork of #develop) back to Windows.

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SharpDevelop comes to mind... I've found this quick howto for setting up a development environment with it and Mono and windows: http://yacoding.blogspot.com/2006/04/howto-mono-sharpdevelop-and-firebird.html

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Use Delphi Prism 2010

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