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I saw this char szPrivateKey[] definition on a source when I was reading so I went to check it out what it was, strangely this makes a sound when the program is run. Is there an easter egg in here or something? (compiled using visual studio 2003/ windows)

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    const unsigned char szPrivateKey[] = {
    0x30 ,0x82 ,0x04 ,0xBB ,0x02 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0x30 ,0x0D ,0x06 ,0x09 ,0x2A ,0x86 ,0x48 ,0x86 ,0xF7 ,
    0x0D ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x05 ,0x00 ,0x04 ,0x82 ,0x04 ,0xA5 ,0x30 ,0x82 ,0x04 ,0xA1 ,0x02 ,0x01 ,
    0x00 ,0x02 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0x87 ,0x1F ,0xEC ,0xFD ,0xAF ,0xD2 ,0x2F ,0xAA ,0x4E ,0xC2 ,
    0xAD ,0x5A ,0x4C ,0x3A ,0x7A ,0x81 ,0x9E ,0xBA ,0x28 ,0x6A ,0x84 ,0xE9 ,0xB7 ,0xF9 ,0x36 ,0x87 ,
    0x56 ,0x16 ,0xC5 ,0xA4 ,0x1D ,0x11 ,0x67 ,0x12 ,0x87 ,0x81 ,0xF5 ,0xFA ,0xF6 ,0x01 ,0xE7 ,0x55 ,
    0x83 ,0x4A ,0xAC ,0x40 ,0x4D ,0x2C ,0x90 ,0x62 ,0x77 ,0xFC ,0x73 ,0xF9 ,0x5E ,0x7F ,0x67 ,0x8C ,
    0xA7 ,0x94 ,0x32 ,0x28 ,0xDD ,0xEF ,0x91 ,0xE5 ,0x94 ,0xD6 ,0x5C ,0xB5 ,0x63 ,0xC4 ,0x76 ,0x2D ,
    0xFF ,0x03 ,0x75 ,0x55 ,0x85 ,0x60 ,0x56 ,0x44 ,0x37 ,0x18 ,0x08 ,0xE7 ,0x0A ,0x90 ,0x74 ,0xA0 ,
    0x9E ,0x82 ,0x4F ,0x56 ,0x4C ,0xD9 ,0xE5 ,0x73 ,0x88 ,0x9E ,0x0F ,0xD2 ,0x0C ,0x9E ,0xF1 ,0x90 ,
    0x65 ,0xEF ,0xA4 ,0x23 ,0x99 ,0xCC ,0xE8 ,0x16 ,0xF7 ,0x96 ,0x54 ,0xDA ,0xF0 ,0x45 ,0x66 ,0x48 ,
    0xFE ,0xE6 ,0x89 ,0xA9 ,0xFC ,0x57 ,0xA5 ,0xD0 ,0xEC ,0x48 ,0x61 ,0xC7 ,0x7B ,0x8E ,0xC9 ,0x26 ,
    0x39 ,0xB3 ,0x8D ,0x64 ,0x89 ,0xAB ,0x4E ,0xF5 ,0xCD ,0x5A ,0x72 ,0xC5 ,0xEE ,0x2F ,0x73 ,0x34 ,
    0x9E ,0x0F ,0xA4 ,0x2E ,0x54 ,0x6D ,0x09 ,0x3B ,0x14 ,0x37 ,0x6C ,0x82 ,0x75 ,0x75 ,0xE0 ,0x80 ,
    0x5D ,0xB9 ,0xA8 ,0xFC ,0x5F ,0xE6 ,0x8F ,0x9D ,0x23 ,0x1C ,0x4B ,0xDA ,0xC1 ,0xB2 ,0x52 ,0x83 ,
    0xEA ,0xF6 ,0xE9 ,0x30 ,0x47 ,0x22 ,0x8C ,0x7E ,0x74 ,0x98 ,0x82 ,0x05 ,0x0B ,0x39 ,0xBD ,0x47 ,
    0x38 ,0x6B ,0xAE ,0x5F ,0xD4 ,0x21 ,0x0F ,0xE1 ,0xBA ,0x86 ,0x50 ,0x01 ,0x40 ,0x22 ,0x90 ,0xE0 ,
    0xE4 ,0xC4 ,0x11 ,0x50 ,0xA6 ,0x02 ,0x2F ,0x6C ,0x66 ,0xFC ,0xBE ,0x4B ,0x29 ,0xB0 ,0x0D ,0xE1 ,
    0x65 ,0x87 ,0xFE ,0x8B ,0x88 ,0x59 ,0x8D ,0x22 ,0xFC ,0x67 ,0xE2 ,0xE3 ,0x96 ,0x99 ,0xE5 ,0xAB ,
    0x2F ,0xA4 ,0x15 ,0x22 ,0x37 ,0x57 ,0x02 ,0x01 ,0x11 ,0x02 ,0x82 ,0x01 ,0x00 ,0x0B ,0xEC ,0x3A ,
    0x8E ,0xDA ,0xCE ,0xC7 ,0xF8 ,0x70 ,0x5C ,0x78 ,0xB5 ,0x24 ,0xD7 ,0xFB ,0xC0 ,0x24 ,0x97 ,0xF4 ,
    0x81 ,0xDE ,0x8D ,0x17 ,0xC3 ,0x2A ,0x75 ,0x5A ,0x6B ,0x6B ,0xCA ,0xB7 ,0x45 ,0x4C ,0xDB ,0xFC ,
    0xE5 ,0xD1 ,0xF0 ,0x7F ,0x1E ,0x49 ,0x1E ,0x22 ,0x2C ,0x3C ,0x60 ,0x06 ,0xCF ,0x39 ,0xEA ,0x92 ,
    0x1D ,0xCD ,0xFF ,0x6A ,0x38 ,0x6B ,0x04 ,0xE1 ,0x9C ,0x22 ,0x8B ,0x22 ,0xA4 ,0x32 ,0x85 ,0x32 ,
    0xC7 ,0x9E ,0xC4 ,0xB5 ,0xFA ,0xBF ,0x22 ,0x2D ,0x16 ,0xE4 ,0xB4 ,0xB8 ,0xF1 ,0xE9 ,0x7E ,0x7D ,
    0x54 ,0xF1 ,0xBA ,0x08 ,0x76 ,0x28 ,0x68 ,0x86 ,0x74 ,0xE8 ,0xE1 ,0xF7 ,0xB8 ,0xDF ,0x8A ,0x31 ,
    0xB3 ,0x97 ,0xFB ,0xF2 ,0x0E ,0x06 ,0x41 ,0x72 ,0x67 ,0xF7 ,0xE5 ,0x06 ,0x0A ,0x8C ,0xF2 ,0xF7 ,
    0xBA ,0x70 ,0xE6 ,0x24 ,0x42 ,0x5B ,0xD9 ,0x43 ,0xAA ,0xEE ,0x07 ,0x78 ,0x25 ,0xB9 ,0x18 ,0xBA ,
    0x11 ,0x92 ,0xA8 ,0x0C ,0xE8 ,0x89 ,0xD9 ,0x3C ,0xC7 ,0x4E ,0xF8 ,0x16 ,0x0B ,0x6C ,0xA1 ,0x2E ,
    0x39 ,0x1C ,0x8B ,0xED ,0xD9 ,0x11 ,0xE7 ,0xED ,0x2A ,0x1A ,0x31 ,0x25 ,0x25 ,0x8D ,0xD5 ,0x3A ,
    0x9B ,0x3C ,0x29 ,0x9E ,0xB0 ,0x51 ,0x98 ,0x6F ,0x25 ,0x8D ,0xBC ,0x9A ,0x55 ,0x96 ,0x51 ,0x15 ,
    0x1F ,0x1C ,0x91 ,0x5C ,0x25 ,0x55 ,0xD3 ,0x24 ,0xDA ,0xB5 ,0xD0 ,0xFA ,0xAA ,0x1C ,0x60 ,0x62 ,
    0x0A ,0x2D ,0xA9 ,0x83 ,0x78 ,0xDD ,0xDF ,0x5D ,0x71 ,0x13 ,0xF1 ,0x22 ,0x15 ,0x13 ,0x6C ,0x04 ,
    0x6C ,0x9A ,0xE4 ,0x4A ,0xB9 ,0x4C ,0xAF ,0xC7 ,0xD6 ,0xF6 ,0x11 ,0x6C ,0x4A ,0x9C ,0x5B ,0x65 ,
    0x78 ,0x6E ,0xA3 ,0x0A ,0xFF ,0xFB ,0xDA ,0x41 ,0xA6 ,0x15 ,0x6B ,0x86 ,0xDE ,0x77 ,0xFF ,0xC2 ,
    0x13 ,0x50 ,0xD8 ,0x91 ,0x3E ,0xD2 ,0xF0 ,0xB1 ,0xC3 ,0x43 ,0x51 ,0x0B ,0xCD ,0x02 ,0x81 ,0x81 ,
    0x00 ,0xB6 ,0x40 ,0x45 ,0x5C ,0xB8 ,0x4D ,0x50 ,0x48 ,0xB7 ,0x0D ,0xA0 ,0x26 ,0x03 ,0xE3 ,0xFA ,
    0x3C ,0x2F ,0x04 ,0x9E ,0x72 ,0x1F ,0x1D ,0x30 ,0xEC ,0xEA ,0xF4 ,0xCE ,0x62 ,0xE6 ,0xE0 ,0xE7 ,
    0x3D ,0x3D ,0x03 ,0x68 ,0x3A ,0x90 ,0xE0 ,0xE3 ,0xB0 ,0x29 ,0x15 ,0x26 ,0x69 ,0xDE ,0xBB ,0x6E ,
    0x1A ,0xC2 ,0x5F ,0x5D ,0xB7 ,0x2B ,0x27 ,0x61 ,0x49 ,0x98 ,0x94 ,0x27 ,0x40 ,0x05 ,0x67 ,0xF3 ,
    0xC1 ,0x77 ,0x5B ,0x12 ,0x6D ,0x8D ,0x75 ,0xFA ,0x13 ,0x4D ,0x26 ,0x14 ,0x29 ,0x06 ,0x43 ,0xF8 ,
    0x3D ,0xB9 ,0x9F ,0x10 ,0x5E ,0xF9 ,0x30 ,0x79 ,0xF9 ,0x1B ,0x7D ,0x6A ,0x66 ,0x9F ,0xAA ,0x88 ,
    0x9F ,0x5E ,0x72 ,0xD4 ,0x3E ,0xE0 ,0xC0 ,0x04 ,0xC2 ,0xB2 ,0xD2 ,0xDF ,0x50 ,0xAB ,0x80 ,0xB9 ,
    0x5B ,0xF8 ,0x23 ,0x7D ,0x36 ,0xBD ,0x6F ,0xB2 ,0xFC ,0xF3 ,0x1F ,0x14 ,0xB9 ,0xC7 ,0xE9 ,0xAA ,
    0x25 ,0x02 ,0x81 ,0x81 ,0x00 ,0xBD ,0xCD ,0xBF ,0x79 ,0xD6 ,0x09 ,0x98 ,0xFA ,0xA2 ,0x7A ,0x93 ,
    0x65 ,0x5F ,0xDA ,0x40 ,0x42 ,0xFB ,0x79 ,0x23 ,0x0B ,0xBA ,0xCC ,0x35 ,0xA6 ,0x67 ,0xFB ,0x4F ,
    0xCF ,0x94 ,0x75 ,0xC8 ,0x30 ,0xDA ,0x1C ,0x69 ,0x1D ,0x87 ,0x1F ,0x35 ,0xF7 ,0x70 ,0x00 ,0xF6 ,
    0x50 ,0xD9 ,0x3C ,0xC7 ,0x57 ,0x25 ,0xA6 ,0xD6 ,0x04 ,0x87 ,0x99 ,0x4C ,0x16 ,0xED ,0x41 ,0x77 ,
    0x5D ,0x81 ,0xDD ,0x3A ,0x83 ,0xD3 ,0x89 ,0xB5 ,0xB7 ,0x99 ,0xB8 ,0x94 ,0x77 ,0x48 ,0x3D ,0xAB ,
    0xEB ,0xC6 ,0x19 ,0xAE ,0xF4 ,0x7A ,0x25 ,0x22 ,0xAD ,0xD0 ,0xB5 ,0x77 ,0x4A ,0xBA ,0xF0 ,0xA1 ,
    0x83 ,0xE2 ,0x35 ,0xFC ,0xBF ,0xE4 ,0xED ,0xBF ,0x68 ,0xF7 ,0xA8 ,0xA8 ,0x42 ,0xDF ,0x64 ,0xF3 ,
    0x87 ,0xB5 ,0x9D ,0x81 ,0x24 ,0x45 ,0x02 ,0x3D ,0x00 ,0xE6 ,0x88 ,0x20 ,0x2A ,0x46 ,0x8E ,0xE6 ,
    0xEF ,0xFC ,0xF7 ,0x5C ,0xCB ,0x02 ,0x81 ,0x81 ,0x00 ,0xAB ,0x87 ,0xC8 ,0xCF ,0xBC ,0x85 ,0x00 ,
    0x44 ,0x70 ,0x0C ,0xD2 ,0xF6 ,0x9A ,0x3F ,0xFA ,0x92 ,0xFF ,0x13 ,0x67 ,0xF2 ,0xF0 ,0x1B ,0x79 ,
    0x57 ,0x73 ,0xB9 ,0x3A ,0xB7 ,0x6F ,0xE2 ,0xBB ,0x84 ,0xEE ,0x21 ,0x53 ,0x09 ,0xF1 ,0xC4 ,0x9A ,
    0x0F ,0x35 ,0xB9 ,0x8D ,0x90 ,0xD1 ,0xA1 ,0x58 ,0x91 ,0xA7 ,0xE1 ,0x49 ,0x24 ,0xDD ,0x52 ,0x3D ,
    0x72 ,0x71 ,0x7C ,0x61 ,0x2D ,0x32 ,0x43 ,0xB8 ,0x3D ,0x9D ,0x82 ,0xE4 ,0x2A ,0xDF ,0x7E ,0x18 ,
    0x8A ,0xA2 ,0xF6 ,0xA9 ,0x90 ,0x05 ,0xE5 ,0x9E ,0x58 ,0x36 ,0x3B ,0x5A ,0xB3 ,0xBD ,0x5A ,0xCD ,
    0x26 ,0xB0 ,0x76 ,0x09 ,0xC9 ,0xFF ,0xAF ,0x8F ,0xA5 ,0x0D ,0x99 ,0x40 ,0x3B ,0x2D ,0xE1 ,0xE6 ,
    0x5C ,0xE4 ,0x8A ,0x3B ,0x97 ,0x38 ,0x00 ,0xAE ,0x74 ,0xAD ,0x4E ,0x93 ,0xF7 ,0x48 ,0xE1 ,0x99 ,
    0x66 ,0x8A ,0x77 ,0x9B ,0x09 ,0x34 ,0x9F ,0xAF ,0x31 ,0x02 ,0x81 ,0x80 ,0x6F ,0xA6 ,0x34 ,0x65 ,
    0xC9 ,0x32 ,0xD2 ,0x75 ,0x50 ,0x84 ,0x56 ,0xB4 ,0x1A ,0x44 ,0x25 ,0xCD ,0x0C ,0x65 ,0x5F ,0xE8 ,
    0xC8 ,0x3B ,0xE3 ,0x52 ,0xD3 ,0xC1 ,0x01 ,0xC5 ,0x66 ,0x63 ,0x66 ,0xB3 ,0x53 ,0x1F ,0xC5 ,0x5C ,
    0xA9 ,0xD6 ,0x1F ,0xBE ,0xBA ,0x5A ,0xEB ,0x3E ,0x9D ,0xE7 ,0x84 ,0x51 ,0x61 ,0x71 ,0x32 ,0x99 ,
    0x40 ,0xB4 ,0x87 ,0x1C ,0x8B ,0x8F ,0xEB ,0xDC ,0xA6 ,0xBE ,0x5E ,0xA7 ,0xE5 ,0xD8 ,0x89 ,0x02 ,
    0x96 ,0xA8 ,0xCF ,0xCD ,0xB2 ,0x06 ,0x28 ,0xE5 ,0x0B ,0x1E ,0x2A ,0xAD ,0xED ,0x7F ,0x41 ,0x93 ,
    0x6B ,0xB6 ,0x09 ,0xEF ,0xB9 ,0x42 ,0x40 ,0xE4 ,0x2A ,0xB6 ,0x58 ,0x70 ,0xE1 ,0x04 ,0x52 ,0x79 ,
    0xFB ,0x17 ,0xEA ,0x81 ,0xB0 ,0x95 ,0xBC ,0x6D ,0xF2 ,0x5C ,0xA6 ,0x51 ,0x92 ,0x01 ,0x51 ,0x0F ,
    0x96 ,0xAA ,0x6D ,0x46 ,0x0B ,0x63 ,0x1E ,0x6F ,0x0D ,0x46 ,0x36 ,0x95 ,0x02 ,0x81 ,0x80 ,0x41 ,
    0x3E ,0xA8 ,0x3B ,0x77 ,0xDC ,0xD7 ,0xAB ,0x2D ,0xD8 ,0x82 ,0x96 ,0x1C ,0x1B ,0x3B ,0xC6 ,0x85 ,
    0x92 ,0x88 ,0xAC ,0xC8 ,0xAC ,0x9F ,0x18 ,0x74 ,0x9D ,0x45 ,0xB4 ,0x7B ,0x13 ,0xAB ,0x78 ,0x8D ,
    0x8B ,0xB5 ,0x9E ,0x9E ,0xD2 ,0xD7 ,0xF2 ,0x84 ,0x34 ,0xFB ,0x08 ,0xB2 ,0x23 ,0xC7 ,0x0B ,0xF0 ,
    0xA9 ,0xCA ,0x17 ,0x1A ,0xA2 ,0x6D ,0x63 ,0xD3 ,0x90 ,0xEF ,0xD1 ,0x62 ,0xE6 ,0x46 ,0x25 ,0x6D ,
    0x6D ,0x23 ,0x3B ,0xB0 ,0x65 ,0xEA ,0xE2 ,0x22 ,0x24 ,0xC9 ,0x09 ,0x1B ,0x0D ,0x42 ,0x9D ,0x77 ,
    0xE1 ,0x63 ,0xB2 ,0x03 ,0x0D ,0x4A ,0xA2 ,0xFD ,0x2E ,0x2D ,0xCD ,0x4B ,0x9E ,0x63 ,0x91 ,0x0F ,
    0x42 ,0xC2 ,0x01 ,0x24 ,0x68 ,0x4C ,0xB5 ,0xA8 ,0x35 ,0xE3 ,0x31 ,0xE8 ,0x86 ,0x32 ,0xB1 ,0xA9 ,
    0x4F ,0xBE ,0x23 ,0x3A ,0x3C ,0x0A ,0x5D ,0x26 ,0xBE ,0xA7 ,0x5D ,0xC0 ,0x60 ,0x42 ,0x1D ,};

    for( int i =0; i<sizeof(szPrivateKey); i++ )
        cout << szPrivateKey[i] << endl;

    return 0;
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Some characters scream (ooh, scary!) –  valdo Jul 5 '13 at 23:51
It looks like your program is attempting to express it's love for you. –  Captain Obvlious Jul 5 '13 at 23:51
You're bound to see the face of Jesus of Nazareth if you keep trying with sufficiently random bytes. –  Hans Passant Jul 5 '13 at 23:53
If you are lucky you get Jesus, if you don't you get Chuck Norris eating your code. –  RickyA Apr 1 '14 at 17:27

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Because there is an 0x07 (in the line starting with 0xBA) in the szPrivateKey - 0x07, or CTRL-G, on most systems, will be a BEL character, so it rings the bell on an old teletype. Modern computers, and even 30 year old terminals, don't have mechanical bells (nor do typewriters, if you can find one these days), so they use a beep instead.

In C and C++ you can make a BEL character in a string with "\a" (and it will work OK also on systems that aren't using ASCII, where it will generate whatever corresponding character is in a non-ASCII system).

By the way, this is not an "easter egg", it's the consequence of printing something that isn't really "text", so shouldn't be displayed with cout. You can get the same with type myfile.dat or something like that (assuming myfile.dat is a binary file and has a 0x07 byte in it).

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Printing random binary on an old ASR33 TTY was always quite a show -- the type wheel would spin violently and the bell would ring and the platen would keep advancing. (Though surprisingly few carriage returns in random binary -- it would tend to run out to the right margin and sit there, creating a smudge down the right-hand side of the page.) –  Hot Licks Jul 6 '13 at 1:00
It was always "fun" when someone accidentally printed a binary on the big printers we had at school and early work places - and yes, it seems to be more linefeeds and page-feeds in there than carriage returns for some reason/ –  Mats Petersson Jul 6 '13 at 8:32

Character 0x07 is the ASCII bell character. Support varies, but sending it to a console generally results in a single beep noise.

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Here's the first 10 entries of the ascii table:

   Oct   Dec   Hex   Char                        
   000   0     00    NUL '\0'                
   001   1     01    SOH (start of heading)  
   002   2     02    STX (start of text)     
   003   3     03    ETX (end of text)       
   004   4     04    EOT (end of transmission)
   005   5     05    ENQ (enquiry)           
   006   6     06    ACK (acknowledge)       
   007   7     07    BEL '\a' (bell)         
   010   8     08    BS  '\b' (backspace)    
   011   9     09    HT  '\t' (horizontal tab)

Notice the ascii code 7 , many terminals will perform an audible sound if you write that character to it.

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oh interesting, damn, using C++ for almost 3 years now and there's still surprises in it! will accept as soon as S.O allows –  Viniyo Shouta Jul 5 '13 at 23:57
@Viniyo Shouta: This has nothing to do with C++. This is about specific properties of specific output devices. –  AnT Jul 6 '13 at 0:26

\a, also known as BEL, has a vlue of 0x07 in most machines.

From C++11 2.14.3

alert BEL \a

From C99 5.2.2

\a(alert) Produces an audible or visible alert without changing the active position.

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0x0B is vertical tab. –  user2357112 Jul 5 '13 at 23:52

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